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Secure Wireless Communications for Ships

May 22nd, 2018 / By

Shipboard network system (ISNS) for US Navy

The Navy’s Integrated Shipboard Network System (ISNS) required a means to accommodate an increased demand for access to network services in response to a growing reliance on network-centric technologies. The first step in this adjustment was seamless integration of the Navy’s disparate legacy networks without costly changes to existing network infrastructure.

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Equip the Navy with a solution to extend unclassified ISNS wirelessly and securely on board the USS HOWARD, BOXER, NIMITZ, ESSEX, RONALD REAGAN, MASON, COLE and GEORGE H.W. BUSH. The Navy recognized that access to secure shipboard communications was imperative for optimal performance. Also, the chosen solution would have to satisfy strict cybersecurity
specifications associated with Department of Defense and Navy certification and accreditation (C&A). Other challenges involved compliance with stringent shipboard requirements pertaining to EMI and standards for shock and vibration.


To meet the Navy’s need for cost effective and ubiquitous connection to ISNS, 3eTI demonstrated an affordable wireless solution that also would accommodate the Navy’s high standards for security and information assurance (IA). Using 3eTI’s WiFiProtect Gateway, the US Navy has implemented a secure solution for wireless-mesh networking. It leverages the world’s first FIPS validated access point and gateway for secure wireless-mesh networking with bridge capabilities for wireless applications. A COTS solution, WiFiProtect meets the Navy’s cost requirements. its rugged form factor is ideal for rapidly changing and often extreme environmental conditions that are routine for Navy operations.

The Navy’s solution from 3eTI is fully interoperable with the existing ISNS aboard several Navy vessels. It meets DoD’s encryption and security requirements, preventing eavesdroppers from intercepting transmitted information.

WiFiProtect devices are highly credentialed, offering IEEE 802.11 compliance, Common Criteria EAL Level 4 certification, and FIPS validation. They also are NSA Suite B upgradable. As with all 3eTI products, WiFiProtect devices include a range of security.