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Secure Energy Management: US Navy

May 22nd, 2018 / By

Enterprise industrial control system (EICS)

In 2009, the US Navy established several aggressive goals to improve energy security and efficiency, increase energy independence, and help lead the nation toward a clean-energy economy. 3eTI helped execute the Navy’s plan.

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The Navy required support with the implementation of the Smart Grid Program. The agency needed an enterprise-level network that efficiently integrated cyber-secure technologies to intelligently monitor and respond to industrial control system (ICS) threats. The Navy’s plan was based on three strategic tenets to achieve program goals: 1) renewable and sustainable energy sources, 2) secure and efficient energy use including demonstrable ROI, and 3) cultural and behavioral change within its population related to energy use.
Cyber warfare had become an ominous weapon in conflicts between nations and industry. Because critical infrastructure undoubtedly would become a central target in the future, it was imperative that a military-grade cyber-secure solution be established. Solution components would be foolproof, comprised of products that complied with Department of Defense (DoD) standards.


After extensive evaluation, the Navy selected an Enterprise Industrial Controls System (EICS) built on 3eTI industrial control system cybersecurity platform. These solutions supported the architecture of the Navy’s Smart Grid Program, which is designed to reduce energy consumption and protect critical network operations at all bases within the Naval District of Washington (NDW).

CyberFence BAS (building automation system) is an advanced cyber-secure sensor networking system that integrates the NDW region’s direct digital controls (DDC) and SCADA systems into an enterprise network that monitors data storage and retrieval. It easily scaled, supporting both legacy and current industrial protocols, while allowing technicians to meet current infrastructure needs while planning for the long term.