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Infrastructure Protection: TSA

May 22nd, 2018 / By

Perimeter surveillance and monitoring solution

TSA is responsible for securing the nation’s airports and railways, and continuously sets the standard for safe travel via public transport. The agency required a surveillance system that would maintain the safety of facilities and the traveling public while upholding its guiding principles for excellence in transportation security.

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TSA needed to address the unique cyber-physical security needs of both airports and railways, cover wide swaths of variously challenging terrain, and accommodate a limited budget for solution purchase, implementation and deployment. The objective was to secure six local facilities consisting of four regional airports and two rail locations.

The required solution had to secure specific critical areas of several transportation facilities to keep out intruders and to mitigate threats. The agency sought better situational awareness of specific areas that included parking lots, the tarmacs and maintenance buildings to guard against vandalism, theft and terrorist attack. Terminal downtime was not an option during deployment.

Additionally, the solution had to integrate with existing systems while aligning with TSA’s budget initiative to cut costs by automating security via central monitoring. TSA also needed the ability to set the system’s rules and triggers for detecting breaches and immediately alerting onsite security. To detect and prevent cargo theft, a time-consuming and expensive challenge for TSA, the agency
also needed a means of comprehensively monitoring undefended areas along the tracks.


3eTI’s VirtualFence provided TSA with a secure video surveillance system that met strict information assurance (IA) networking requirements at an affordable cost. The system’s intelligent analytics and central monitoring capabilities provided comprehensive coverage that allowed TSA to view all key areas and eliminate the need for additional manpower on the ground.

3eTI technical experts oversaw all system design and configurations, as well as the installation of the radios, cameras and power supplies, ensuring that hard-to-monitor areas were covered properly. The system established full surveillance and alerting for track segments that thieves had been using to access trains and off-load cargo. VirtualFence further lowered operational costs through the central management system that can establish automated rule violations in main threat areas, easing the workload of security personnel.