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Industrial Cybersecurity: Oil & Gas

May 22nd, 2018 / By

Secure data transfer solution

A diversified oil and gas group in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), responsible for extensive energy resources, required stronger cyber defenses within the operation. 3eTI was tapped to cyber-secure the organization’s distributed control-and-safety systems, and a multitude of edge devices.

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The owner/operator of critical systems and infrastructure for large-scale energy production required redundant safety for critical control systems. The needed solution would integrate efficiently with existing diverse and distributed networks and affiliated facilities. To assure continuing cyber-resilience efficiencies, centralized monitoring and control management was also necessary.

As is the case with many operators of large control systems in the energy industry, this large manufacturer was obliged to reconcile the complex and often conflicting demands of implementing advanced cybersecurity while controlling costs and maintaining peak operational status. At the same time implementation was to be accomplished without introducing potentially crippling cyber-vulnerabilities.


3eTI’s EtherWatch, from the CyberFence CIP product family, was chosen to protect the company’s systems for its usefulness in comprehensively and cost-effectively addressing the organization’s many difficult requirements. The solution’s certified firewall and deep-packet inspection (DPI) safeguards were particularly desirable. Additionally, EtherWatch was essentially transparent to the overall control system. Its equipment was easy to mount as a result of its highly efficient and intelligent design.

The EtherWatch solution included and enabled:

  • Advanced protocol-specific security with application-layer firewall
  • Flexibility and scalability to deploy at critical locations to monitor traffic and issue alerts
  • Future-proofing through ample gigabit ports
  • Stealth operation for heightened protection
  • Seamless integration afforded by a design that separates incident/anomaly reporting from operations affecting critical traffic
  • Learning features for easier implementation of DPI and firewall rules
  • Rugged form factor designed for implementation in industrial control environment