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Cybersecurity Services: Middle East Military Force

May 22nd, 2018 / By

Implementation, design and managed services

A large Middle Eastern military force required a cybersecurity solution sufficient to efficiently accommodate best-in-class technologies while minimally impacting operational status. The scope included expert consultation and extensive training to establish an internal defense team of skilled cybersecurity specialists.

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Knowing they lacked the appropriate expertise internally, a large Middle Eastern military force sought an experienced company to help establish an advanced cyber-secure operation. Following the development of a strategic roadmap, the organization required a robust solution with a readily scalable framework to expanded cybersecurity coverage. Classroom and hands-on training also
were required, as were a threat operations center (TOC) and a security operations center (SOC).

Training and security facilities were needed to enable the military force to establish a strong cybersecurity team internally. The specifications necessitated the design of a security architecture with associated solutions that existing staff would be able to maintain for a cyber-hardened IT environment. The organization also needed necessary tools and training to monitor networks and address cyber-threats.


After an exhaustive review process, the organization chose to partner with Ultra Electronics, 3eTI for system design and implementation, supported by training to establish a self-sufficient IT operation. The solution included:

  • Policies and Procedures: 3eTI provided comprehensive guidance reflecting global best
    practices relative to governmental and international standards. The purpose of these policies
    and procedures was to assure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets,
    and to ensure that all cybersecurity policies and procedures are practiced on a daily basis as an
    ingrained operational function.
  • Infrastructure Design: 3eTI managed the implementation of a secure-by-design series of
    enclaves to support sensitive information sharing and collaboration. The design restricted
    unauthorized access, lateral movement by an attacker between network segments and systems,
    and the exfiltration of sensitive data.
  • TOC and SOC: 3eTI was tasked with building two main command centers for day-to-day cyberintelligence
    operations. The TOC focuses on proactively uncovering threats and indicators of
    compromise (IoC) to mitigate them. The SOC’s mission is to continuously monitor, detect and
    isolate security incidents. It oversees the security management of the network devices, end user
    devices, and systems.
  • Cyber-Awareness Training: 3eTI developed and conducted tiered training for varying skill and
    responsibility levels.