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Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure

May 22nd, 2018 / By

Power Plant Smoke Stacks

Nuclear control and safety system security

Duke Energy sought robust cybersecurity tools to protect distributed control-and-safety systems, as well as a vast assortment of edge devices.

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Duke Energy supplies and delivers electricity to more than 7 million US customers throughout the South and Midwest. The Duke-operated Robinson Plant in South Carolina generates nuclear power and was in need of advanced cybersecurity to safeguard its critical systems. The solution had to meet competitive pricing standards while incorporating legacy operational technology.


Duke Energy chose CyberFence from 3eTI to address the nuclear plant’s requirement for robust cybersecurity tools that protect distributed control-and-safety systems and edge devices from cyber-threat. CyberFence also addressed Duke Energy’s requirement for support of legacy operational technology and the ability to communicate seamlessly to and from mission-critical devices. These requirements were met with CyberFence, a solution that afforded reliability through full accreditation. It also integrated smoothly with existing systems.

With CyberFence, only valid communications flow, latency free, to critical systems. As a result, Duke Energy now operates a deeply cyber-secured infrastructure that can perform more efficiently.