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Central Perimeter Management: US Navy

May 22nd, 2018 / By

Virtual perimeter monitoring system (VPMS)

The US Navy sought a camera surveillance system that could be deployed easily and without the high cost of installing a fiber-based infrastructure around a facility.

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3eTI helped the Navy by designing, developing, integrating, testing and accrediting its VirtualFence solution to ensure secure critical infrastructure protection (CIP) with a focus on safety and security operations. VirtualFence is a cost-effective, robust, Virtual Perimeter Monitoring System (VPMS) surveillance system that utilizes secure wired and wireless technology and video analytics to provide security personnel the ability to monitor extensive areas of interest such as facility perimeters, Entry Control Points (ECP), security zones, buildings, infrastructure, and other assets at over 20 US Naval Centers.

VirtualFence provides layers of security at the perimeter and within a facility, thereby improving the ability to detect unauthorized individuals approaching and breaching the established physical or virtual security threshold. VirtualFence will automatically alert and notify essential personnel of a security event reducing response times using intelligent video analytics. This allows the ability to autonomously monitor critical areas for potential hazards or intrusions to increase surveillance efficiency while reducing costs by eliminating personnel intensive security monitoring tasks.

Core components of the 3eTI’s VirtualFence Mobile are MIL-STD compliant making them adaptable for shipboard and port-to-port use. The VirtualFence Mobile kit is housed in a heavy duty,  waterproof case and is suitable for storage, transport and deployment that can be set up in less than 20 minutes, virtually anywhere while powered by any standard 110V AC power source or optional battery kit. Video sensors placed within 2,000 feet of each other can automatically establish a wireless mesh network that relays video and data to the alert console at extended distances.