Ultra Intelligence & Communications

Cybersecurity Workshops

Cyber-securing your industrial control systems

The ICS Cybersecurity Workshop is a highly customized educational session for identifying structures and challenges that foster vulnerabilities in specific ICS platforms. The workshops are designed for individual critical infrastructure companies as an interactive and collaborative program modeled to their unique requirements. Aided by highly trained technical facilitators, attendees receive a complete overview of the fundamentals of cyber network protection for industrial control and monitoring systems. They are introduced to strategies for balancing security requirements against cost and the challenges of legacy integration.

Who should attend
Workshop content is technical and appropriate for both senior management-level supervisors as well as operationally astute technical decision makers. Most participants are motivated by opportunities to learn about or apply best security practices to industrial network protection. They seek ways to reconcile diverse and sometimes conflicting security requirements, cost restrictions or existing integrations. All content is supported by appropriate references to relevant guidance from NIST Special Publication 800-82 “Guide to Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Security.”

Benefits and outcomes
In evaluating the ICS Cybersecurity Workshop, relevant considerations include:

  • Cost and convenience:Half-day group workshop sessions are valued at $2500 but are available free of charge when conducted at our corporate facility located immediately outside Washington DC. Special reduced rate* and no fee workshops are available for select industry groups and at select locations in the continental US.
  • Targeted and high-value content:No two workshops are identical. Facilitators typically work with a small group of participants from the same organization, allowing 3eTI to structure confidential and proprietary content that is applicable to the specific audience.
  • Specific solutions and strategies:Each session includes a detailed discussion of the companies’ systems and structures for a high-level audit of their cyber risk factors. Participants will leave with a point-by-point overview of vulnerabilities and recommended methods for resolution.
  • Resources and support:Participants benefit from access to case studies, technical documents, white papers and reports, as well as a facilitator follow up, to further their learning and fuel continued problem solving.

Agenda structure and highlights
These custom and individualized sessions are guided by the needs and interests of attendees as they relate to ICS cybersecurity. The workshop generally combines the following elements:

  • Review of IEC 62443/ISO 27001 standards for security
  • Discussion of commonly overlooked critical vulnerabilities
  • Aligning the threat landscape to today’s hacker trends
  • Techniques and technologies
  • Evaluating strengths and shortcomings of multilayer and multivendor security
  • Architecture risk assessment
  • Simulated demonstration of ICS attacks and threat mitigation