Ultra Intelligence & Communications

Service Agreement Program

Optimize your 3eTI investments

Comprehensive support and maintenance services are essential to ensure high availability and top performance of all 3eTI infrastructure products throughout their lifecycle. 3eTI enables you to effectively deploy and administer our solutions and standalone products — allowing you to achieve the greatest returns from your investment and ensure you manage your ever-changing IT environment.

Technical support engineers quickly diagnose and resolve issues encountered with appliance hardware and software with product version and feature set upgrades for 3eTI devices. If applicable, receive repair or replacement of hardware for malfunctioning appliances to minimize the risk of downtime to your organization. All service agreements also provide the latest upgrades to software components of hardware platforms. Three options are available outside of the standard 90-day agreement.

Standard 90-Day Service Agreement

Included with all product sales, the Standard 90-Day Service Agreement offers coverage from during office hours. All requests for support and assistance will be logged with the Customer Support Center by emailing support or completing the Technical Support request form. 3eTI support engineers will automatically be notified.

Silver Service Agreement

The Silver Service Agreement extends the 90-Day Agreement 275 days, to one year after the initial shipment date. Additional years begin and end on the shipment anniversary.

Gold Extended Service Agreement

The Gold Extended Service Agreement includes all aspects of the Silver Service Agreement, but also offers phone support during office hours, and RMA services.

Platinum Extended Service Agreement

3eTI’s Platinum Extended Service Agreement can protect your investment by extending the life of your critical systems while at the same time reducing operating costs. The Platinum Service Agreement is customized to meet your organization’s specific and unique IT needs with options such as extended hours, longer call-times, overnight RMAs or even site visits. Ensure reliable service and optimum performance anytime.

Onsite Maintenance

Onsite support refers to all requirements for 3eTI staff to attend site in order to troubleshoot support issues, carry out installations and/or upgrades. Onsite support is not included in Standard 90-Day, Silver, or Gold Service Agreements.