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End-to-end critical infrastructure protection

Creating more efficient and secure open environments is emerging as a driving force in government and industry. However, these new open networks are creating increasingly complex challenges in making control systems strong and resilient. This is where 3eTI’s proven cybersecurity experience can help.

3eTI takes customers beyond security toward building resilient and reliable operations in the wake of, or to ward off, an attack. We employ a layered approach so that functional and security requirements are met at the same time, without interfering with normal operations. 3eTI recommends only those cybersecurity practices that are most widely used and trusted by experts in the field. Security standards and certifications created by top security groups National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP), inform our client recommendations. Our high standards ensure that the information and communications technology meets a robust security profile.

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3eTI experts represent a fresh and comprehensive approach to harness and optimize architectures, governance, compliance, management and technology to secure critical infrastructure.

— Cybersecurity strategic context
— Establish your cybersecurity mission & vision
— Set goals, objectives & metrics
— Build your plan


Create a plan that works with your budget and preserves operational investments through advanced security and best-of-breed personnel, tools and applications.

— Establish a cyber workforce
— Develop policies & procedures


Effectively deploy, administer and maintain your network assets, allowing you to achieve the greatest returns from your investment.

— Security Operations Centers (SOC)
— Threat Operations Centers (TOC)
— Managed security compliance