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Cyber-secured applications for mobile platforms

Today’s cyber-physical systems now extend to mobile environments in ways that security planners never envisioned. From military vessels at sea to civilian aircraft in flight and commercially-operated unmanned aerial vehicles, the potential for catastrophic cyber-attacks is both real and a relatively new frontier in cybersecurity. Essential security for legacy systems and devices is minimal to nonexistent. Protection for modern mobile machines must integrate certified and comprehensive encryption, energy efficiency and authentication technology for assured confidentiality, integrity and availability of sensor and network data.

UltraMobile solutions can correct vulnerabilities and plug hidden security gaps in mobile devices and networks. Solutions easily embed security into industrial automation and control systems to shield critical infrastructure, without interruption, against cyber-attacks.

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Underserved by even simple cybersecurity are the machine-to-machine (M2M) systems driving countless critical operations. As a result, cyber-attacks pose potentially life-threatening risks via mobile systems. They are powered by embedded control sensors that manage thermal imaging, automatic door locks, radar tracking, aviation systems and more. UltraMobile’s cybersecurity extends protection to unguarded devices in new or legacy systems. Its protections surpass basic firewall, perimeter and signature-based defenses without adding complexity that can impede operational efficiency.


UltraMobile utilizes high-performance wireless platforms that reliably deliver continuous connectivity for optimal security. Specialized networks can be designed to accommodate tactical field operations, remote video surveillance or vehicle communications. Components can be integrated easily into an existing network infrastructure for extended coverage that delivers significant cost savings over solution alternatives. The robust form factor is reliable and built to last for industrial environments. UltraMobile is certified for outdoor use, difficult terrains and severe climate conditions.