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UltraFacility: Industrial Facility: Closeup of industrial pipes with power lines in background


Industrial security solutions that defend without disruption

Those on the frontlines of industrial operations, working with SCADA or industrial control systems (ICS), contend with often competing mandates to expand productivity while reducing costs through network integration. At the same time, the efficiencies-driven demand for remote support has increased access to control systems, injecting new cyber-vulnerabilities. Cyber-physical architectures add to the security challenge as ICS elements typically lack design support for mitigating cyber risks.

UltraFacility from 3eTI harnesses an array of industrial control and communication technologies to provide secure monitoring and management of infrastructure equipment such as HVAC systems, generators, water treatment pumps, and more. The solution easily embeds security into industrial automation and control systems to shield critical infrastructure, without interruption, against cyber-attacks.

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Industrial control systems are now prime targets for cyber threats. UltraFacility protects against network vulnerabilities using embedded cybersecurity technology that securely integrates disparate ICS, connecting remote life-support systems such as high voltage power, water and waste, and HVAC. UltraFacility systems meet information assurance (IA) requirements for security.


UltraFacility controls base access, protecting infrastructure and personnel with automated and manual security, 24/7 – all through conveniently centralized command and control. State-of-the-art automated entry-control systems protect via gate and building access, as well as around the base perimeter.


UltraFacility utilizes high-performance and robust wireless mesh platforms that reliably deliver continuous connectivity and optimal security. UltraFacility enhances decision-making and ICS capabilities. It enables building recommissioning and eliminates redundant manpower by centralizing management and
streamlining operational functions.