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UltraCity: Campuses & Municipalities: View of city skyscrapers against blue sky, taken from below


Securely integrate operations for improved control

The increased complexity of city systems — characterized by myriad inter-dependencies among globally connected social, economic and political sub-systems — has increased urban vulnerability to cyber-threats. The risks are magnified as an infinite supply of data becomes more integral to vast operational processes that underpin the implementation of smart cities. These multiplying cyber-physical systems closely integrate computational processes with the internet and its users, introducing potentially catastrophic cyber-vulnerabilities.

UltraCity from 3eTI is a highly secure and efficient industrial-management solution that seamlessly interconnects with existing network infrastructure. Certified for fully compliant information assurance, it affords defense-in-depth controlled access while supporting Green IT and energy reduction initiatives.

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UltraCity utilizes high-performance and robust wireless mesh platforms that reliably deliver continuous connectivity and optimal security. UltraCity enhances decision-making. It enables building recommissioning and eliminates redundant manpower by centralizing management and streamlining operational functions.


Industrial control systems are now prime targets for cyberthreats. UltraCity protects against network vulnerabilities using embedded cybersecurity technology that securely integrates disparate ICS, connecting remote life-support systems such as high voltage power, water and waste, and HVAC. UltraFacility systems meet information assurance (IA) requirements for security.


UltraCity controls base access, protecting infrastructure and personnel with automated and manual security, 24/7 – all through conveniently centralized command and control. State-of-the-art automated entry-control systems protect via gate and building access, as well as around the base perimeter.