Ultra Intelligence & Communications

Military Bases

Critical to mission success

Today bases must operate as integrated systems to deliver and support military capability, whether at home or abroad. Equipping bases with advanced cyber-physical security, infrastructure management and secure communications capability can mean the difference between mission success and failure.

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Perimeter Management

Integrated base-management systems that support utility and operations control frees personnel to focus on the mission at hand. Merging these systems into a synchronized network results in highly efficient base operations that minimize or eliminate resource-depleting distractions.

UltraBase controls base access, protecting infrastructure and personnel with automated and manual security, 24/7 – all through conveniently centralized command and control. State-of-the-art automated entry-control systems protect via gate and building access, as well as around the base perimeter.


Cyber-attacks have expanded beyond purely military objectives, and industrial control systems are prime targets for cyber-threats. UltraBase protects against network vulnerabilities using embedded cybersecurity technology that securely integrates disparate ICS, connecting remote life-support systems such as high voltage power, water and waste, and HVAC. UltraBase systems meet information assurance (IA) requirements for security and are accredited to save testing time.

Secure Wireless

Mission success depends on a base’s ability to maintain ubiquitous, reliable communications, on-base and beyond the wire. UltraBase utilizes high-performance and robust wireless-mesh platforms that reliably deliver continuous connectivity and optimal security. Always on, UltraBase tenaciously safeguards the confidentiality, integrity and availability of sensor and system data. UltraBase enhances command and control decision-making and ICS capabilities. It enables building recommissioning and helps minimize redundant manpower.