Ultra Intelligence & Communications

Cyber-Physical Security

Understanding the cyber-physical landscape

Most security products only protect IT related elements of the system or automation process. Robust security solutions need to take a holistic view of all the systems, machines and processes that make up a network. The most vulnerable components of a control system are the endpoints, the connections to other internal systems, and the protocols used in automation systems. Security used to be primarily physical but now attacks are entering through your enterprise into the cyber realm. The risks to critical infrastructure control systems, both physical and cyber, are mounting through a rise in published vulnerabilities, wider connectivity, and adoption of open standards that expose networks and edge devices to exploits.

Delivering security beyond the perimeter

3eTI helps customers traverse the cyber-physical landscape by delivering security systems for them beyond the perimeter to critical endpoints. We secure your network and mitigate against the risks of a cyber attack. 3eTI assures cyber-physical security through comprehensive protection of the networked systems and the critical infrastructure that cross the IT and operational technology (OT) domains. The OT environment is the front-facing system that blends cyber components with physical devices to form networks whose operational integrity is critical to human safety. 3eTI specializes in securing the OT zone, ensuring that cyber threats don’t become physical catastrophes.

Our solutions are designed specifically to protect machine-to-machine (M2M) communications and industrial automation and control systems powering critical infrastructure inside and out. Our certified products and services reduce the risk of cyber threats causing physical harm by providing independent assurance that operational technology functions when expected, as expected and under the control of authorized operators.