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WiFiProtect WIDS

Wireless intrusion detection system (WIDS)

Assuring the integrity of your wireless assets requires a strong and layered security posture. WiFiProtect WIDS from 3eTI works seamlessly across your wireless network to detect rogue devices, enforce policies and ensure regulatory compliance. Automated tools for threat mitigation and policy enforcement allow for real-time response to risks.

Robust and proven wireless cybersecurity defends facility and base operations. WiFiProtect WID affords maximum flexibility while accommodating a vast range of network topographies and applications. Continuous connectivity and optimal security are assured without the need for costly cabling to deliver uncompromised voice, video and data communications. Overhead and deployment costs are dramatically reduced with no compromise to security or performance.


WiFiProtect WIDS is modular, with functionality accessible from a dedicated server on your premises tailored to your specific requirements. Security and compliance, network assurance and analytics are seamlessly integrated for a single powerful tool that helps improve your wireless-network productivity.

Advanced forensics for security, compliance

Wireless events often are fleeting and intermittent, complicating reliable analysis of security and performance. WiFiProtect WIDS captures a complete record of WLAN performance so that administrators can readily analyze detailed records of wireless activity for forensic investigations or network-performance troubleshooting.