Ultra Intelligence & Communications

WiFiProtect AMI

Single advanced meter infrastructure system

The WiFiProtect AMI (advanced metering infrastructure) appliance provides a scalable wireless network that integrates with metering technology for advanced metering device management. It incorporates bridging, access points for clients, mesh networking, secure encryption and a rugged infrastructure design that protects from tampering and exposure to the weather by mounting the equipment inside a weather-tight, lockable enclosure. It also supports VLANs allowing for multiple users with varying levels of authorization and applied security policies, and PoE reduced installation cost and expedited implementation.

The WiFiProtect AMI is used in standardized applications when connectivity is needed to support deployed equipment and provides a capability to connect between AMI equipment and a deployed network. The appliance’s Ethernet input communicates with industry energy management equipment using common protocols. A secure wireless interface then communicates with local networks to support local and remote AMI equipment.

The WiFiProtect AMI offers a high performance portfolio of FIPS validated secure wireless mesh devices relied upon by military and industrial applications for continual connectivity and optimal security at all times.