Ultra Intelligence & Communications

VirtualFence Mobile

Portable video surveillance system

3eTI’s VirtualFence Mobile is a proven portable surveillance solution that enables users to access remote video in real time from a central location. Originally developed by 3eTI for the US Navy, VirtualFence Mobile utilizes video analytic technologies in a wireless mesh video network configuration to better protect civilian operations by alerting users to emergencies or potentially threatening situations. All equipment is housed in a heavy duty, waterproof case and is suitable for storage, transport and deployment that sets up quickly, virtually anywhere. The portable kit is comprised of up to six video sensor units and one alert console unit, each packaged in a rugged, watertight case.

Intelligent video analytics

The VirtualFence VMS (video management system) fields a wide range of input alarms from any supported sensor system or security device. It intelligently analyzes events in real-time, returning easy-to-interpret views of incidents. Alarms can be configured for a wide range of pre-defined actions that include record index and pan–tilt–zoom trigger presets. The system alerts when activated to enable immediate dispatch of response teams, or instant response of automated deterrents such as acoustic hailing devices.

Certified and proven platforms

Originally designed to help the defense sector achieve federal security mandates, VirtualFence’s crypto modules are FIPS 140-2 validated for sensitive data communications. Additionally, its Approval to Operate (ATO) status with the DoD is backed by its advanced data encryption (information assurance) capabilities. These DoD-security certifications provide an easy and affordable avenue for civilian agencies to meet NERC CIP-006 compliance for remote sites. No less valuable is the peace of mind from knowing that VirtualFence reflects DoD-grade security – the highest level of protection available to the civilian marketplace.