Ultra Intelligence & Communications

VirtualFence C2

Adaptable command and control for critical operations

The complexities and hostile intrusions that increasingly menace today’s society make secured civil infrastructure a priority regionally and nationally. Critical infrastructure and city grids is increasingly complicated, and often lack real-time situational awareness needed to protect it from physical intrusion that unchecked, affords ample opportunity for theft, sabotage, espionage and worse.

VirtualFence C2 (command and control) aggregates information internal or external data source to manage, interpret and display information in a way that enables immediate and comprehensive situational awareness. This helps decision makers make better informed and tested decisions faster. It increases the management effectiveness of governmental agencies and commercial businesses that are responsible for protecting, managing and restoring infrastructure and resources.

An effective, proactive and cost-effective force protection system is essential to defending an operations perimeter, points of entry and remote enclaves, nonstop. 3eTI’s VirtualFence C2  solution integrates secure networks, reliable communications, video surveillance and automated deterrents on-site to cover the gaps where 24/7 manpower is unrealistic.

With VirtualFence C2 decision makers can:

  • access current operating conditions,
  • examine performance trends,
  • predict system degradation,
  • view the impact of alternative mitigation measures,
  • review important procedures
  • communicate decisions,
  • all within the intuitive graphical user interface.