Ultra Intelligence & Communications

VirtualFence Appliance

Virtual perimeter surveillance system

3eTI’s VirtualFence Appliance is an all-in-one virtual perimeter monitoring system designed to help simplify physical critical infrastructure protection. With a built-in power source and wireless connectivity, the VirtualFence system is free from the constraints of hardwired cable. This design advantage renders it an effective and affordable alternative for securing critical infrastructure.

VirtualFence provides intelligent video surveillance in a remote, intelligent package with optional built in analytics that identifies and isolates treats in real-time. The analytics and central management software helps operators save time and resources in critical situations by enabling fast and informed decision-making.

The VirtualFence appliance leverages a “plug-n-play” platform using a secure wireless mesh network configuration that extends connectivity and interoperability to devices for easy maintenance and control. The appliance is backed by a highly secure network platform that is certified to meet military information assurance standards and it is equipped to stand up to demanding industrial environments and harsh climates.

Intelligent video analytics

The VirtualFence VMS (video management system) fields a wide range of input alarms from any supported sensor system or security device. It intelligently analyzes events in real-time, returning easy-to-interpret views of incidents. Alarms can be configured for a wide range of pre-defined actions that include record index and pan–tilt–zoom trigger presets. The system alerts when activated to enable immediate dispatch of response teams, or instant response of automated deterrents such as acoustic hailing devices.