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CC camera overlooking a large and busy dock at a shipping port

Perimeter Management

Certified surveillance, central management and response

Hostile cyber-intrusions that menace civil and campus infrastructure have heightened the need for proactive cyber-physical protection. Facilities nationwide — including those underpinning military bases, utilities, public transport and schools — are prime targets with potentially devastating vulnerabilities. An effective, proactive and cost-effective force protection system that operates 24/7 is essential to defending an operations perimeter, points of entry and remote enclaves.

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3eTI’s VirtualFence systems integrate secure networks, reliable communications, video surveillance and automated deterrents to cover the gaps where manpower is not feasible. With a nationwide installed base where rapid response for assured asset protection is essential, VirtualFence  is fully self-contained to deliver video surveillance and automated detection in the harshest environments. With a built-in power source and wireless connectivity, the VirtualFence system is free from the constraints of hardwired cable.


VirutalFence integrates with the cameras and sensor units to include auto-detection capability and user-settable tripwires. This is complemented with a variety of alarm types to maximize alerting and deterrence. The system’s instant alerting triggers response so that local land forces may be dispatched immediately and automated deterrents instantly respond.


3eTI partners with Milestone, the leading open platform provider of IP video management software (VMS). VirtualFence integrates with Milestone’s XProtect® platform to ensure that its DoD customers are able to utilize best-performing VMS solutions with a fully compliant government certified video management platform. Additionally, customers have more functionality in support of their missions, including enhanced automatic alerting and intelligent video analytics.


In a highly volatile environment, early warning alerts, data mapping, a single view of operations, communications and reporting systems can all increase users’ situational awareness and improve force protection. VirtualFence can allow operators to rapidly aggregate information from disparate sources, identify adverse conditions, quickly determine and test different responsive actions, and monitor the implementation and effectiveness of those actions.