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CC camera overlooking a large and busy dock at a shipping port

Perimeter Management

Certified surveillance, central management and response

Hostile cyber-intrusions that menace civil and campus infrastructure have heightened the need for proactive cyber-physical protection. Facilities nationwide — including those underpinning military bases, utilities, public transport and schools — are prime targets with potentially devastating vulnerabilities. An effective, proactive and cost-effective force protection system that operates 24/7 is essential to defending an operations perimeter, points of entry and remote enclaves. 3eTI’s VirtualFence systems integrate secure networks, reliable communications, video surveillance and automated deterrents to cover the gaps where manpower is not feasible.

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With a nationwide installed base where rapid response for assured asset protection is essential, VirtualFence Appliance and VirtualFence Mobile are fully selfcontained to deliver video surveillance and automated detection in the harshest environments. With a built-in power source and wireless connectivity, the VirtualFence system is free from the constraints of hardwired cable.


VirtualFence VMS (video management system) is auto-detection software that fields a wide range of input alarms from any supported sensor system or security device. It intelligently analyzes events in real-time, returning easy to interpret views of incidents.


VirtualFence C2 (command and control) allows operators to rapidly aggregate information from disparate sources, identify adverse conditions, quickly determine and test different responsive actions, and monitor the implementation and effectiveness of those actions.