Ultra Intelligence & Communications

CyberFence Crypto Module

Machine-to-Machine OEM security

3eTI is an innovator in developing and implementing embedded industrial cybersecurity solutions. Protecting energy, utilities and government critical infrastructure for over 20 years, 3eTI’s proven solutions are designed to safeguard automation and industrial control systems (ICS) from cyber threats without hindering performance. Our cyber-mission is to be a trusted partner to security-conscious automation integrators and innovators to help secure gaps and vulnerabilities that threaten vital operations.

3eTI’s CyberFence solutions are designed to easily embed security into industrial automation and control systems to shield critical infrastructure against cyber-attacks without interruption. We understand that cyber security is vital in today’s aggressive environment – that’s why our CyberFence Crypto Modules are independently validated for their robustness by widely-recognized global standards bodies, government and military agencies.

Award-winning industrial cybersecurity

3eTI’s solutions secure machine-to-machine (M2M) focusing on the operations layer to ensure that cyber-threats don’t become physical ones. CyberFence provides comprehensive cyber-physical security that cyber-hardens the networked systems and the critical infrastructure that overlaps the IT and OT domains. These solutions reduce the risk of physical harm by providing certified assurance that operational-technology networks and devices are operating when expected, as expected and under the control of authorized users.

CyberFence goes beyond basic firewall, perimeter and signature-based defense, extending protection to SCADA and other networked system endpoints using protocol-specific parsing and whitelisting to assure data integrity. The CyberFence difference makes the buy/not build decision simple enabling manufacturers and integrators to embed military-grade security quickly, easily and cost-effectively within network solutions without hindering system availability.

Federally assured to meet security mandates

The federal government’s stringent security standards require validated communications solutions. As a trusted supplier to the DoD since 1995, 3eTI delivers highly secure network platforms that enable maximum operational productivity. 3eTI’s patented platforms are certified to meet military information assurance (IA) standards.