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CyberFence CIP

Award-winning industrial cybersecurity

CyberFence CIP (critical infrastructure protection) solutions are award-winning industrial firewalls designed to protect operational technology (OT) networks in new and legacy systems against cyber-events that impact safety and system availability. Our experience-based evaluations of end-to-end systems – from access control, surveillance to Layer 2/3 network security, malware protection, PLC security – inform our vulnerability assessments to establish security levels that assure secure operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Adaptable configurations

  • Industrial DPI Firewall with Layer 3 Encryption: EtherGuard
  • Industrial DPI Firewall with Layer 2 Encryption: DarkNode
  • High-speed Layer 2 Encryption: UltraCrypt
  • Industrial DPI Firewall: EtherWatch

Meeting industry and government standards

3eTI designs, builds and deploys solutions that combine technology, policies and procedures to align risk with turnkey solutions that maximize systems spending while eliminating downtime due to breaches. When evaluating any cybersecurity solution, owners and operators of energy control systems are obliged to include North America Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) compliance in the decision-making process. While many types of facilities are required to meet NERC standards, all principals in the industry should strive to comply for best security outcomes that assure potentially life-saving system stability.

The industrial difference

Embedded systems and associated devices that run critical operations are critical to managing automation and control systems. These networks are complemented throughout industrial facilities by the OT domain which is the front-facing edge that blends cyber components with physical devices to form complex networks whose operational integrity is paramount to human safety. As a result, there is increasing pressure within ICS organizations to allow IT departments to perform more cyber-related services in the ICS domain.

More about CyberFence CIP solutions

  • Approved by automation vendors and standards groups
  • Exceed NERC CIP, ISA IEC 62443 standards
  • Integrate into systems to enable globalization
  • Offer real-time information flow for innovative business models
  • Migrate into legacy infrastructure networks to speed value-oriented deployments
  • Remote access support