Ultra Intelligence & Communications

CyberFence BAS

Military-grade energy infrastructure security

Today, federal agencies and industries are looking for secure solutions that assure effective and efficient management of their facilities energy usage. 3eTI’s CyberFence BAS (building automation system) is a real-time energy monitoring and control system with built in cybersecurity that allows energy managers to analyze existing usage at the building and base/campus level. This allows the federal government and other industries the ability to monitor, control, and optimize utilities across regions, driving energy efficiencies and reducing costs.

CyberFence BAS is an all-in-one appliance designed to reduce energy consumption and protect critical network operations. CyberFence BAS extends connectivity, integration and interoperability to deployed devices wirelessly and allows integrators to build platforms that manage complex monitoring control systems in a “plug-n-play” environment. By utilizing a management application for device-to-enterprise integration, open standards architecture, and common network protocols, CyberFence BAS delivers a unified system without implementation barriers.

Highly secure industrial management system

  • Complies to strict DoD directives for Information Assurance (IA)
  • Defense-in-depth security controls to prevent unauthorized access
  • Proven to help efficiently manage energy usage
  • Supports agency Green IT initiatives and energy reduction efforts
  • Seamless interops with existing network infrastructure

Devices are protected by highly-secure infrastructure firewalls and wireless connectivity. With an open standards architecture, and by connecting common network protocols such as LonWorks, BACnet, and Modbus, CyberFence BAS.  Scalability and reliability concerns are avoided, CyberFence BAS seamlessly bridges building controllers to a secure IP network. An extensive set of drivers is included, enabling the appliance to be completely vendor agnostic to any existing building HVAC system controllers or other employed control technologies such as SCADA or DDCs.

Navy Smart Grid Program uses 3eTI’s platform

To achieve Navy energy goals and meet federal mandates, the Navy’s shore energy approach is focused on increasing energy efficiency, transforming culture and behavior, and integrating renewable energy and sustainability. Smart grid technologies are a key enabler to the Navy’s shore energy strategy.