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Criticom ISEC

Military-grade secure video teleconferencing

Criticom ISEC (Integrated Secure Encryption Console) solutions deliver fully automated Periods Processing as defined by US Department of Defense to seamlessly switch video conferencing systems between two different security classification networks. Users are able to seamlessly switch video conferencing systems between two different security classification networks.

Criticom ISEC IP Switch – Supports H.323 or SIP VTC technology to enable users to choose between security level classifications when configured for IP networking. The switch is fully integrated and ready for installation to expand your single level VTC suite into a flexible system supporting classifications on a call-by-call basis.

Criticom ISEC Systems – ISEC Systems seamlessly integrates the multiple components to form a complete, user-friendly system. They come in various configurations including carts, racks, a field deployable unit and a secure desktop solution – each with a variety of features designed to accommodate a diverse user base.

  • ISEC Rack System – Innovative ISEC technology switches VTC systems securely. A table top switch, wall mountable Secure/Non-Secure sign, 21 RU Cabinet, KIV7M rack, Dial Isolator, and IMUX are included.
  • ISEC Cart System – A user can choose an ISEC bundled cart solution which includes a Cisco or Polycom codec. The roll-about console provides extra flexibility in location choice and includes a conveniently wall-mountable mode sign and a table-top switch for secure mode selection.

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