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3eTI Announces Full Suite of Cyber-Secure Solutions for Industrial and Critical Military Applications

October 20th, 2014 / By

Rockville, MD (October 20, 2014) ­­– Ultra Electronics, 3eTI, a leading cyber-technology company with products and systems that secure critical infrastructure and improve operational efficiency, today announced its newly enhanced CyberFence product suite that secures endpoints both within a local area network and those remotely connected via a wide area network.

CyberFence’s expanded solution set builds on 3eTI’s existing industry-standard and fully-certified portfolio of cyber devices and systems with the addition of DarkNode, an industrial crypto device that can be placed anywhere in the network to selectively and invisibly fortify one or several network endpoints. DarkNode provides low-latency Layer-2 inline encryption to cryptographically segment and protect critical Ethernet communications across existing wired or wireless systems. It also embeds the capabilities of the recently announced EtherWatch industrial firewall device, enhancing invisible defense of SCADA networks in a way that is easy to deploy with no changes needed to existing network architectures or configurations.

CyberFence consists of five products that provide unparalleled endpoint security capabilities for non-PC systems and that are independently validated by third parties for robust security including FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria certification.

  • DarkNode: Protects ICS networks and devices within a network using validated encryption technology.
  • EtherGuard: Securely connects devices to the Internet or across other untrusted networks.
  • EtherWatch: Industrial SCADA firewall invisibly protects ICS and embedded devices within a network.
  • UltraCrypt: Encrypts data for high-capacity dedicated networks such as MPLS and VLANs.
  • Criticom ISEC: DISA-approved secure video conferencing switch for communications across different network classifications.

“Today’s launch of the industry’s most comprehensive and full-featured set of cyber-secure solutions raises the bar for true end-to-end network security for critical infrastructure systems,” said Benga Erinle, President, Ultra Electronics, 3eTI. “Our extensive expertise in delivering military-grade secure products and our commitment to providing such products at COTS prices, has resulted in an enhanced portfolio of products that effectively mitigates cyber risks relating to critical infrastructure operations. We’re proud to have delivered a platform that emphasizes flexibility, ease of use, versatility and very clear value for operators of existing critical networks.”