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3eTI Launches New Cyber Appliance Made to Invisibly Protect Industrial Control Systems

October 6th, 2014 / By

Rockville, MD (October 6, 2014) – Ultra Electronics, 3eTI, a leading provider of certified solutions that protect and connect critical systems using military-grade security for defense, government, utilities and industrial markets, today announced EtherWatch, a highly flexible, intelligent and affordable cyber-security solution.

EtherWatch is a specialized industrial-security appliance with a built-in application layer SCADA firewall that can protect critical infrastructure from both internal and external cyber-attacks. Affordable, easy to use and deploy, it can be placed anywhere in the network to selectively and invisibly protect one or several network endpoints. Operators can deploy EtherWatch with no change to an existing architecture, and with minimal impact to network performance. It is easily positioned at critical locations to monitor traffic and issue alerts in the event of anomalous, malicious, or dangerous activity. EtherWatch is invisible to attackers so they cannot detect its presence or countermand its protections.

EtherWatch provides configurable firewall functionality along with deep-packet inspection (DPI) to create a SCADA firewall that can control communications over the network. EtherWatch supports both protocol-specific rule sets and user-definable rules of arbitrary complexity. Easy-to-use wizards help create application-level rules for typicalindustrial protocols such as Modbus, OPC and DNP3. Built-in monitoring and learning capabilities allow the user to create commands specific to unique deployments with improved overall security.

For added operational efficiency, EtherWatch can be remotely managed through the network over an encrypted channel or through a dedicated management port. EtherWatch reports unauthorized activity over a separate management port, preventing attackers from discovering that they have triggered an alarm. At the same time, alarm reporting does not impact existing time-critical operational traffic.

“3eTI’s EtherWatch appliance extends security to industrial automation endpoints without alerting intruders to its presence, or giving them insight into why breach attempts are failing,” said Benga Erinle, President, Ultra Electronics, 3eTI. “When an endpoint is mission critical requiring more than just encryption, EtherWatch provides and affordable solution to immediately and completely thwart the most sophisticated attacks with no interruption in normal network operations. Hackers only realize that their malicious packets have been dropped on the EtherWatch enabled network.”