Ultra Intelligence & Communications

Commitment to Employees

3eTI’s commitment to our employees is part of our corporate ethos. Promoting a healthy work/life balance, ensuring employee recognition, and offering team-fostering events inside and outside the workplace are just some of the ways we show our commitment. The company solicits feedback from employees in the form of an independent annual survey to get their views on what makes for a great workplace, then acts to improve programs based on that feedback. That feedback has helped to launch several new initiatives including those listed below.

Employee work experience

3eTI is a tech-savvy organization that focuses on improving processes and tools to support and enable its employees to complete tasks easily and quickly, thereby resulting in what executive leadership hopes is a more efficient and productive working atmosphere.

Diversity of work

3eTI provides an opportunity for everyone to grow professionally. Ours is a technology driven environment but everyone’s feedback is welcome to innovate, create new product ideas or push ideas forward. Technology is always changing and 3eTI relies on its employees to keep our business moving forward.

Work/Life balance

3eTI encourages a healthy work/life balance for each employee to offset the sometimes stressful nature of our work and travel schedules. Health and safety tips are continually promulgated. Wellness events and newsletters are promoted. The company sponsors “Wellness Connection”—an incentive program enabling employees to  follow and track a simple health regimen. We also offer a flextime program that allows for one day off following a compressed 80-hour work schedule.

Inspiring leadership and collaboration

3eTI does not stand on ceremony. Its senior management team has an open-door policy and works side-by-side with all employees to ensure we produce the best possible product for our customers. Monthly Lunch meetings are also held to keep all team members informed and provide them the ability to share ideas and concerns. All levels of leadership inform, enable and empower their teams to achieve mutual success.