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Collaborating to Strengthen Industrial Automation Security

February 18th, 2015 / By

The world’s unwavering standard bearers of cyber-secure critical infrastructure lead by example and impact. Facilities under the US Department of Defense remain focused on, and  committed to, standards-based best security practices. With an equal devotion to standards that assure and secure critical networks, 3eTI has proudly provided cybersecurity systems and devices to DoD for more than 20 years.

In 2014, we extended our commitment to validated solutions by teaming with renown standards body ISA (International Society of Automation) as a corporate partner. This year, we renewed that commitment, having experienced the benefits of collaboration with ISA and other strategic partners. Through our participation in ISA venues and channels, we are adding our voice to the industry’s most steadfast security partisans united in educating and defending against cyber-crime. I believe our collective voices are being heard.

As ISA noted during the cybersecurity program at the 19th Annual ARC Industry Forum, a vital step operators of critical infrastructure can take to safeguard assets from cyber-attack is the adoption of industrial cybersecurity standards, guidelines and compliance testing. We have shared this mantra in unison with ISA since 2014, working together to provide the automation industry with information and tools to securely protect, integrate, and expand industrial networks.

Through the partnership, 3eTI and ISA have worked together to provide seminars, evaluations and advice to any and all industrial parties. We have collaboratively developed and delivered webinars on ICS cybersecurity, offered at no charge. We also have shared in the educational and speakers programs ISA offers including POWID, WWAC, and Process Measurement and Control.

This collaboration is complemented by our work with economic leaders and scholars in and around our metro Washington, DC, home base to advance cybersecurity standards. Our webinars and presentations have been well attended by newly launched professionals in computer science, cybersecurity, and industrial control systems. We also are looking forward to an even busier webinar and speakers schedule in cooperation with ISA.

Throughout the year, and the months ahead, look for 3eTI videos, case studies, white papers, webinars and more shared through our alliance with ISA. You will see a recurring theme that underscores the efficacy and importance of high standards in layered cybersecurity. Please join us as we work to more comprehensively secure our nation’s critical industries.