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FAA Chided on Air Traffic Cyber-Risk: Some Experience-Based Observations

March 9th, 2015 / By

As a primary 3eTI contact for clients with US defense agencies, I am often asked to weigh in on cyber-threat stories that appear online and on broadcast news programs. We have long been in the business of helping secure critical systems and infrastructure for Army, Navy, DHS and other organizations, so I took particular interest in the reports recently of the Government Accountability Office warning that “FAA Needs to Address Weaknesses in Air Traffic Control Systems,” released to the public March 2.

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PLC Security: Are you treating the symptom or the cause?

May 13th, 2014 / By

With the increasing numbers of high-profile attacks in the news, you should ask yourself if the security controls you have in place today would prevent an attack to your system. Do you know where attackers will strike next? And most importantly are you protected against it?

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