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About Ultra Electronics, 3eTI

Ultra Electronics, 3eTI builds and delivers innovative and highly advanced cyber-physical solutions that connect and protect critical infrastructure systems.

Since 1995, 3eTI has been a trusted supplier for the defense, government, energy and industrial automation markets. We offer proven products and systems that reduce the risk of cyber threats causing physical harm by providing independent assurance that operational technology functions when expected, as expected and under the control of authorized operators. 3eTI solutions are designed to protect operational technology (OT) networks and are certified for robustness by widely-recognized global standards bodies, government and military agencies.

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Core Products

3eTI, an Ultra Electronics company, develops and implements machine-to-machine (M2M) cyber security solutions for industrial networks. Protecting energy, utilities and government critical systems for a quarter century, 3eTI’s proven and innovative solutions safeguard automation and industrial control systems (ICS) from cyber-threats.

  • CyberFence

  • VirtualFence

  • WiFiProtect

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