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Cybersecurity Consulting

Services designed to support requirements

Critical infrastructure operators require experts who fully understand solutions that work across every operational area. Each poses distinct technical and operational difficulties. The complexity is exacerbated by regulatory mandates and the need for uninterrupted operational availability. 3eTI offers unmatched secure-ICS expertise to
address challenges, risks and requirements to cyber-harden your entire network.

3eTI provides the vital expertise needed to build a stronger line-of-defense solution for government and commercial customers to thwart advancing cyber-threats to the nation’s critical infrastructure. We offer four areas of service: Security Management, Network Assessments, Solution Development and Operational Support. Each can stand alone or combine easily for best outcomes.

Network design and optimization
A successful network roll out involves a number of complex tasks including radio coverage prediction and data analysis before and after installation. 3eTI’s expert team helps facilitate the optimization of networks throughout their lifecycle and help operators speed deployment, reduce costs, and ensure a high quality of service.

– Stand-alone networks
– Integration into existing networks
– Extension of legacy networks with wireless capability
– Network architecture design
– Virtualization

Secure wireless site surveys
A wireless site survey is the key to planning and implementing a successful wireless network installation. Determining the correct quantity of wireless access points and their respective mounting locations are actually the simplest tasks accomplished during a wireless site survey. A complete site survey includes:

– Radio frequency surveys
– Propagation surveys
– Access point and network design optimization