Wireless Mesh Networks

Wireless communication have become a mainstay of organizations, communities and campus facilities.  3eTI provides custom communication solutions that can be configured for wireless, self-healing, self-configuring mesh networking.  Products can be used for other applications such as delivering real-time data and video from vehicles to monitoring centers conducting wireless video surveillance and monitoring building access and public activity.  For organizations where a high-level of security and confidentiality is required, such as protecting personal or financial information, 3eTI offers a variety of encryption protocols to meet even the most stringent government requirements.

3eTI’s wireless networking solutions are a perfect answer for those agencies trying to improve communications while cutting costs. 3eTI is a leading provider of wireless networking solutions that are customized to a client’s security challenges – for video, data and voice communication needs. This technology has been successfully tested and deployed in military, federal and local environments requiring high levels of security and accuracy and is now being adapted to provide security for consumer devices. The non-proprietary technology can be quickly integrated with other technology, enabling "plug and play" solutions that are easily implemented yet highly secure.


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