Ultra Electronics 3eTi

Cyber-Physical Security

Delivering security beyond the perimeter

The most vulnerable components of a control system are the endpoints, the connections to other internal systems, and the protocols used in automation systems. Security used to be primarily physical but now attacks are entering through your enterprise into the cyber realm. The risks to critical infrastructure control systems, both physical and cyber, are mounting through a rise in published vulnerabilities, wider connectivity, and adoption of open standards that expose networks and edge devices to exploits.

Understanding the cyber-physical landscape

3eTI helps customers traverse the cyber-physical landscape by delivering security systems for them beyond perimeter to critical endpoints. We secure your network and mitigate against the risks of a cyber attack. Our solutions are designed specifically to protect machine-to-machine (M2M) communications and industrial automation and control systems powering critical infrastructure inside and out.

Physical security solutions

Infrastructure and site surveillance is imperative as the world grows more dangerous. A recommended strategy for preventing disruption to a facility entails prevention via an interactive perimeter that detects intruders and alerts to potential threats.

3eTI’s virtual perimeter monitoring system is cost effective and easy to maintain for secure auto-detection. Identifying and isolating threats in real-time, the system is equipped to handle hard-to-access locations and harsh climates.

Cybersecurity solutions

With the growing need to connect systems to drive efficient operations it is important to be innovative and agile.  3eTI has develop solutions to meet specific operational technology (OT) problems.

Most other security products only protect IT related elements of the system or automation process. Robust security solutions need to take a holistic view of all the systems, machines and processes that make up a network.

Our solutions protect vulnerable endpoints and insecure automation protocols by shielding exploitation of unpatched vulnerabilities and exposed devices from attack. It uses a combination of encryption and granular protocol aware deep packet inspection (DPI).