Ultra Electronics 3eTi

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Defense-in-Depth (DID) security

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has identified 16 sectors of critical infrastructure that consist of assets, systems, and networks deemed essential to the United States. Impacts to their operation could significantly impair the nation’s security, economy and public well-being. Advanced security solutions must provide a multi-layered or DID solution that encompasses both physical and cybersecurity components for a sufficiently layered defense that makes attacks more difficult. 3eTI solutions embed DID protection while retaining the legitimate operational requirements of systems.

3eTI has been helping organizations protect critical infrastructure for two-plus decades by providing specialized physical and cybersecurity solutions that shield industrial and automation systems against malicious actions. These solutions also drive operational efficiencies that ensure competitive advantage.

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Physical Security
Systems for Access Control, Surveillance and intrusion Detection

An effective, proactive, and viable force-protection system is essential to defending a facility’s perimeter, points-of-entry and remote enclaves to deter threats 24/7. 3eTI’s state-of-the art systems integrate secure networks, access control, gate entry and video surveillance to provide a complete security solution. These proven systems conveniently centralize management and control to improve operators’ response and reactive recovery to threats and breaches while reducing overhead.

Network Security
M2M Cybersecurity for Net-Centric Networks

3eTI utilizes tailored M2M communication in industrial management networks to provide an additional layer of protection against attacks targeting critical infrastructure networks. Our solutions restrict not only where traffic goes, but also what industrial protocols are allowed, filtering out any unwanted or unauthorized traffic able to connect to the infrastructure. 3eTI ensures that no unauthorized connections or communications occur without permission or detection.

Operational Technology Security
Endpoint Protection for Embedded Devices

Though substantial funding has been dedicated over the recent years for physical security requirements, far fewer resources, proportionally, have been dedicated to securing industrial control systems (ICS) to prevent unintended command and malicious use of plant equipment. 3eTI solutions securely integrate disparate control systems, connecting remote and local life-support and other plant automation systems while centralizing management and streamlining operational functions.