Ultra Electronics 3eTi

Command & Control (C2)

Increasing management efficiency

3eTI’s integrated C2 environment combines robust, innovative solutions to provide a holistic approach to facility management. Our solutions help free resources for critical operations while supporting critical infrastructure protection (CIP). They lock down network communications by integrating physical security, infrastructure management and secure communications.

  • Physical security solutions
    The physical security of a facility plays a key role in force protection. Government-grade security improves operators’ response and reactive recovery of facility operations during a security breach. 3eTI’s C2 solutions control facility access, protecting infrastructure and personnel with automated and manual security 24/7 – all through conveniently centralized command and control.
  • Facilities & infrastructure management solutions
    By automating facilities and infrastructure systems, management duties are decreased and simplified, resulting in cost-effective base operations that enable reliability and sustainability. 3eTI’s C2 solutions securely integrate disparate ICS, connecting remote life-support systems such as high-voltage power, water/waste water, and HVAC systems while centralizing management and streamlining operational functions.
  • Secure communications & integrated systems
    Secure communications and integrated operational systems allow for smarter, more efficient control, ensuring that base personnel will get the most from their resources. 3eTI C2 solutions embed defense-in-depth, multi-layer protection while balancing the requirements of security and operations systems. These systems horizontally integrate modern and legacy systems to enable multimodal networks for more ICS capability.

UltraBase enables mission success

UltraBase provides an integrated C2 environment that combines robust, innovative solutions for more efficient management of military bases and critical facilities. It is designed to address the military’s high standards for security and efficiency.

Certified for military operations, UltraBase allows base commanders to focus on their mission success while ensuring unsurpassed base security, essential services support and robust, secure operational communications.

Key UltraBase features

  • Increases operational efficiency
  • Maximizes resources and budgets
  • Allows for expansion and adaptability
  • Ensures full base and network security