DoD Industrial Cyber Security Solutions

Cyber-attacks are threatening our nation's critical infrastructure – as the DoD and government is pressured to protect disparate legacy systems with limited budget and resources. Today's armed forces must maintain peak readiness and adjust for ever shifting threats while containing costs, streamlining operations and adhering to strict mandates. New technology to integrate energy efficiency, industrial controls, metering, and critical infrastructure protection are complex challenges. Cyber threats designed to disrupt critical control systems compound the challenge.

Meeting Federal Security Mandates
The federal government’s stringent security standards require validated communications solutions. As a trusted supplier to the DoD since 1995, 3eTI delivers highly secure network platforms that enable maximum operational productivity. 3eTI’s patented platforms are certified to meet military Information Assurance (IA) standards.

Benefits of Integrated, Cyber-Secure Platforms
3eTI engineers wired and secure wireless mesh technology into a sensor-system network to accommodate a variety of topologies and applications, increase productivity, and lower operational costs. 3eTI systems integrate disparate networks across widespread bases and facilities. They are easily joined to form net-centric solutions for industrial control and automation, critical infrastructure protection and perimeter monitoring.



3eTI’s certified applications
For more than 20 years, 3eTI has helped military agencies implement cyber secure solutions for mission-critical industrial systems.

Key Features

  • The only industrial cyber device to achieve FIPS 140-2 & Common Criteria certifications
  • Encryption, access control, application-level whitelisting, deep packet inspection and monitoring and alerting
  • Fully inspects and parses DNP3, Modbus TCP, Ethernet/IP,  OPC, and BACnet traffic

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