UltraVision Element Manager

Centralized Wireless Network
Configuration & Deployment

UltraVision Mesh Manager (3e-840A) is a flexible and cost-effective solution designed to help monitor and manage wireless LANs (WLANs). Operating within a flexible Web-based interface, UltraVision Mesh Manager identifies security issues and detects problems on local WLANs as well as remote locations. It helps to discover and manage devices such as access points (APs) remotely and allows for the configuration of APs from a central location.

Devices to be used within the WLAN can be provisioned prior to being physically attached to the network and the wireless management system automatically discovers devices when they are attached. The administrator can also assign operating parameters to a single device and apply or clone that profile to multiple devices with a single command via a client.

Highlighted Benefits

  • Auto detection for plug and play wireless LAN devices.
  • HTTPS secured provisioning
  • SNMP-based network management
  • Configurable parameter display for each device
  • Easy customized view for device grouping
  • Operation on simple browser platform for easy access and management
  • Reduce installation, operation and maintenance cost

Key Features

  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) for secured browser access
  • SNMP standards-based MIB parameter access
  • Browser based management platform: easy to deploy, script based SNMP viewer

Ultra Electronics, 3eTI