Ultra Electronics 3eTi


Enhanced Situational Awareness & Control

  • Aggregates data to produce dynamic situational awareness
  • Uses all available information to project future circumstances
  • Shares information securely without exposing sources
  • Uses incident management processes to track events and alert
  • Prioritizes actions and alternatives for disaster recovery response


Enhanced Situational
Awareness & Control

Cost-effective network operation management solutions

UltraVision solutions are engineered to provide operations and network managers with the tools they need to effectively maintain command, control, and advanced situational awareness related to their assets. UltraVision’s element management system provides centralized operations for the rekeying, monitoring, management and analysis of wireless and wired network assets. Solutions provide seamless component integration and greatly augment mission critical cybersecurity initiatives in both wireless networking and sensor system environments.


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UltraBase: Enabling Mission Success
UltraBase provides an integrated C2 environment that combines robust, innovative solutions for more efficient management of military bases. It is designed to address the military’s high standards for security and efficiency.

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