Centralized & Cost-Effective Network Operation Management Solutions

3eTI UltraVision™ solutions are engineered to provide network managers with the tools they need to provide improvements in command, control, and advanced situational awareness. This collaboration of top technologies provides centralized operations for the rekeying, monitoring, management and analysis of wireless and wired network assets.  The UltraVision solutions provide seamless component integration and greatly augment mission critical cyber security initiatives in both wireless networking and sensor system environments. 
Enhanced Situational Awareness and Control
  • Control various functions such as the distribution of new keys to selected devices at specified user request times
  • Designate when power/Radio Frequency (RF) transmissions from wireless devices can occur
  • Centrally monitor and manage wireless LANs (WLANs)
  • Create, distribute and manage dynamic per session keys

The C5I Concept

UltraVision is based on the C5I (command, control, computers, communications, collaboration and intelligence) concept that is pivotal for network managers to provide an intelligent operational environmental overview for vastly improved situational awareness.

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