VirtualFence System

Cyber Secure Virtual Perimeter Monitoring Solutions

VirtualFence® is a virtual perimeter monitoring system (VPMS®) that provides real-time video surveillance in a remote, intelligent package with optional built in analytics. The system allows a user to leverage video analytics technologies in a wireless mesh video network configuration to better protect facilities and operations.

 VirtualFence provides a custom network of sensors (video, access card, motion sensors, etc.) and secure wireless communication capabilities designed to increase situational awareness and to improve force protection in a highly volatile environment.  VirtualFence is a complete system design which typically includes a site survey and architectural design as part of the system development.  Wireless video cameras are installed throughout the installation as required. 
The VirtualFence wireless video surveillance system protects critical infrastructure through secure, rugged, outdoor, low-cost-to-install camera/RF units with auto-detection capability and user-settable tripwires. The open architecture maximizes current and future investments in video surveillance systems. 
 Key Features
  • Remote site monitoring
  • DoD-grade physical security
  • Low-cost premise monitoring
  • Out-of-the-box system
  • Reduces bandwidth requirements with intelligent video processing hardware
  • Easily scalable through wireless mesh capabilities

VirtualFence Appliance


A highly secure, intelligent appliance that communicates with perimeter video cameras and the data center to alert, respond to, and analyze environmental data.

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Key Features

VirtualFence Video Server
(3e-525V and 3e-525NV)

A simple, bolt-on, out-of-the-box wireless video surveillance server that enables transmission of high-resolution digital video and automated video analytics from up to two cameras in real-time.

Key Features

  • Common Criteria certified
  • Highly secure - AES-CCM and 3DES encryption
  • 802.11a/b/g/n, up to 54 Mbps
  • Compatible with most video and IP-centric sensors
  • Legacy FIPS validation

VirtualFence VPMS Kit


An out-of-the-box, rapidly deployable surveillance kit that enables users to access remote video in real-time from a central location. The kit utilizes video analytics technologies in a wireless mesh video network configuration to protect critical infrastructure.

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Key Features

  • FIPS 140-2 validated
  • Fast deployment - 20 minutes or less for each kit
  • Real-time video surveillance for a range of applications
  • Intelligent system using video analytics for alerts
  • IDN camera for 24-hour integrated day/night surveillance

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