Ultra Electronics 3eTi


Highly Secure Industrial Management System

  • Complies to strict DoD directives for Information Assurance (IA)
  • Defense-in-depth security controls to prevent unauthorized access
  • Proven to help efficiently manage energy usage
  • Supports agency Green IT initiatives and energy reduction efforts
  • Seamless interops with existing network infrastructure


Highly Secure Industrial
Management System

Cyber secured energy, industrial control & automation systems

EnergyGuard provides organizations with the ability to securely protect building automation systems against physical and cyber intrusions and allows for more efficient management of facility systems and utilities. It utilizes industrial control and communication technologies to provide secure monitoring and control of designated equipment such as HVAC systems, generators, and water treatment pumps. EnergyGuard integrates SCADA/DDC systems into a local monitoring, control and reporting architecture.


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