Ultra Electronics 3eTi

SCADAWatch (3e-646A)

Serial-based cybersecurity

Serial-based control systems such as CANopen, Profibus, and DeviceNet used in critical platforms are unmonitored, and assumed uncompromised, making them ideal targets for a cyber-attack. SCADAWatch provides passive detection of an unauthorized or malicious action, generating an alert without degrading critical system operations. The SCADAWatch cybersecurity appliance detects and responds to an attack within defenseless serial control networks.

Using SCADAWatch, a serially controlled system such as a ship monitoring-and-control network or an advanced weapon system will be able to distinguish between a sophisticated cyber-attack and equipment failure. This capability primes an operator, allowing an immediate and appropriate response to unauthorized activity that can critically impact mission performance.

Key Features

  • Protocol Support – SCADAWatch currently supports CANopen/CAN bus networks with additional protocol support to be released shortly
  • Real-time Monitoring – All data is temporarily logged and a white list is created containing Node ID and associated Function Codes
  • Intelligent Monitoring – SCADAWatch analyzes the data to verify only well-formed messages and allowed instructions are communicated
  • Automated Alerts – Data that does not match white list logs will be logged and an alert will be generated