Ultra Electronics 3eTi


Award-winning Industrial Cyber Security

  • Deep packet inspection (DPI) technology
  • Protocol-specific parsing and whitelisting
  • Government-grade certifications
  • Zero-Day protection to fortify against modern threats
  • Intelligent, self-learning threat detection


Industrial Cyber Security

Safeguard against industrial cyber threats without hindering performance

CyberFence easily embeds security into industrial automation and control systems to shield critical infrastructure against cyber-attacks without interruption. CyberFence surpasses basic firewall, perimeter and signature-based defense, extending protection to SCADA and other networked system endpoints using protocol-specific parsing and whitelisting to assure data integrity.

CyberFence Solutions: Enabling 100% Reliability


Industrial DPI Firewall
with Layer 3 Encryption

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Industrial DPI Firewall
with Layer 2 Encryption

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High-speed Layer 2

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Industrial DPI

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Cyber Security

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Black CyberFence Kit Case

CyberFence Starter Kit

Quick Deployment Industrial
Cyber Security

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Industrial Security for Critical Infrastructure

A compromised SCADA server can impact an entire facility. CyberFence can extend security to the controller itself, protecting it against an attack wherever it occurs. Utilizing its proprietary technology, 3eTI cyber solutions can discover devices present, quantity, type, and architecture of DCS or SCADA controllers that are hidden from view.

Military Security That Meets IA Mandates

CyberFence was designed to not only offer network operators the speed, cost and performance demanded of network security solutions, but also built on adherence to well established Information Assurance (IA) standards. 3eTI’s cyber modules have undergone independent security evaluation to achieve FIPS 140-2 validation and Common Criteria NIAP certification.


Cyber Security for Industrial Markets
From ventilation systems to generators everything is becoming more connected to the network. With that comes a major concern for cyber security.

Still of The New Cyber Threat Landscape video showing abstracted blue image of hardware
The New Cyber Threat Landscape
New levels of connectivity creates cyber security challenges. Securely connect into an enterprise for smarter more secure systems.

Still of Machine-to-Machine Cyber Security for Military Operations Video showing Military Police Officer inspecting vehicle
M2M Cyber Security for Military
The military is ahead of many critical industries because they mandate the use of cyber security standards and information assurance validations.

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