Ultra Electronics 3eTi

AirGuard iMesh

Industrial wireless 802.15.4 sensor network

Concerns about the security of low-power wireless sensor networks have limited their use — until now. AirGuard iMesh is a FIPS validated wireless sensor network (WSN) solution that combines the benefits of a robust wireless solution with certified security to reduce costs.  iMesh maintains the integrity of the information and the safety and fail-safe security of the operational systems from increasingly common cyber threats to critical infrastructure.

Designed for flexible integration, the iMesh Gateway and the iMesh Sensor Node together form a cyber-secure bridge linking sensors with IEEE 802.15.4, IEEE 802.11 WiFi and Ethernet networks. iMesh networks offer an affordable, robust ISA100-based solution for improving plant availability and efficiency by extending process monitoring functionality to plant-wide assets in oil refineries, utility factories, electrical power substations and metal and mineral processing facilities.

iMesh Components

  • iMesh Sensor Node (3e-543A) – A low-powered, general-purpose wireless transmitter that provides secure connectivity for field devices. The Sensor Node versatile interface is configurable for automatic meter readings, temperature devices, pulse meters, and thermocouple DC voltage analog inputs and supports a broad range of third-party sensors and meters in addition to many legacy devices.
  • iMesh Gateway (3e-545A) – A hardened industrial wireless access point that provides seamless and secure connectivity between ISA100 wireless field devices, WiFi devices and wired Ethernet/ IP networks. It extends industrial monitoring, automation and control networks into the field by bridging wireless field devices and WiFi networks to wired Industrial Control System (ICS) and Distributed Control System (DCS) networks.

Federally Validated to Meet Security Mandates

As a trusted supplier to the DoD since 1995, 3eTI delivers highly secure network platforms that enable maximum operational productivity. iMesh is the first ISA100-compliant solution for industrial sensor networking that is independently validated. It is approved and deployed by the US military to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of sensor and network data.