Robust Wireless Mesh Networks
that Meet Military Requirements

For over 20 years 3eTI’s AirGuard secure wireless networks have offered a portfolio of robust, military-grade, secure mesh network devices optimized for rugged-outdoor, critical infrastructure, enterprise, and industrial automation and control environments.  
Information Assurance Accreditation from DoD
3eTI is a market leader in secure Wi-Fi and WPAN networks and the industry's first to attain independent validation and certification that offers FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria EAL 4 levels of security approved for use by the U.S. government and DoD.  Choosing devices that integrate certified comprehensive encryption and authentication technology ensures the confidentiality, integrity and availability of sensor and network data. 
Reliable Wireless Networks – That Save Time and Money

Today, AirGuard is relied upon by military, government and industrial customers worldwide to securely connect enterprise campuses, branch-bases, vessels and sensor systems by leveraging its innovative, self-forming, self-healing, route optimized mesh structure. 

Key Features
  • Certified Secure: High-levels of Information Assurance (IA) capability for data protection
  • Rugged Form Factor: Designed to withstand rigorous operational requirements and protect against harsh indoor/outdoor environmental conditions
  • Self-Organizing: Requires no manual configuration—simply power up access points
  • Self-Healing: Re-routing is automatic, ensuring always-on availability
  • Interoperable: Quick and inexpensive adaptable systems to meet custom requirements

AirGuard WiMesh Products

802.11 Wi-Fi Mesh Networking Devices
  • WiMesh End Points
  • WiMesh Access Points

AirGuard iMesh Products

802.15.4 WPAN Industrial Networking Devices
  • iMesh Gateway
  • iMesh Sensor Node

OEM Solutions

Leverage AirGuard's wireless technology into OEM applications
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  • F IPS 140-2 validated
  • Common Criteria EAL4 certified
  • Wi-Fi certified
  • UC APL certified


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