Ultra Electronics 3eTi


On Demand Webinar: Understanding Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) Firewalls

Learn how to attain full operational awareness against cyber-attacks without impacting system efficiency. Resident expert Matt Cowell will cover topics including enhanced visibility and controls to fill the voids left by existing ICS devices and technology.

Building Stronger, Smarter Industrial Control Systems

Learn how new thinking in ICS design is advancing architectures that can withstand both malicious attacks and unintentional cyber incidents.

Monitor & Respond: The Power of the Big Picture

Maximum visibility into network operations means power. A 360-degree view allows operators to identify critical events, pinpoint the source of problems, and respond quickly.

Authentication & Remote Access: Don’t Trust, Verify

Protocols used in ICS environments generally lack inadequate network service authentication. Operators must use only validated cryptographic technology and flexible monitoring modes.

Reducing Your Attack Surface: Take Back Control

It is vital that security measures that are deployed do not interfere with operations, but you can control the playing field. Ensure that only necessary and approved communications occur between known devices, and set boundaries.

Application Whitelisting: Friend or Foe

Whitelisting methods are effective and add powerful protection where firewalls cannot. A 3eTI expert discusses proactive malware detection and hacking prevention through AWL defenses that leave operations fully intact.

DNP3 Issues and Vulnerabilities

DNP3 is a critical yet complicated protocol which provides a big target to cyber-attackers intent on disrupting operations. Numerous vulnerabilities threaten reliable and safe industrial controls as well as availability. Standard security tools just can’t mitigate the risks.

Securing BACnet Links in Building Systems

Building Automation Systems (BAS) are ubiquitous and powerful, but also disturbingly open to attack. BACnet and Modbus are especially vulnerable to malicious interference and loss of control.

Secure Wireless for Industrial Automation: Leveraging certified wireless for the IIoT

3eTI products for industrial wireless communication are reliable, robust and have embedded government-grade security that enables ISA100-based process monitoring and control applications.