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US Navy Smart Grid Pilot Powered by 3eTI

To achieve Navy energy goals and meet federal mandates, the Navy’s shore energy approach is focused on increasing energy efficiency; transforming culture and behavior and integrating renewable energy and sustainability.

The New Cyber Threat Landscape

Now perimeter defenses, even in the cyber realm are no longer adequate. We have to integrate security all the way from the perimeter through the infrastructure, down to the endpoint.

Cybersecurity for Industrial Markets

Today’s cybersecurity technologies have been focused almost entirely to enterprise. Cybersecurity solutions exist for critical infrastructure end devices but are not being implemented fast enough.

EtherGuard: Industrial Cybersecurity

EtherGuard provides comprehensive defense in-depth protection against attacks from within the network, from a malicious user, or even zero day attacks, or even unknown zero day attacks.

M2M Cybersecurity for Military

In the military, decisions have to be smart and quick in order for them to achieve their operational mission. Machine to machine connectivity is essential. In doing this they have to connect a variety of legacy systems and new systems into the enterprise to foster those decisions.

UltraBase: Integrated C2 Solutions

UltraBase offers a holistic approach to military installation management, providing uncompromising base security and effective and efficient base operations which can ultimately make the difference between mission success and failure.

Ultra Electronics Communications Capabilities

Ultra is a world-leading supplier of secure communication equipment and systems that enable accurate and timely exchange of voice, video and data to military, government, law enforcement agency, industry and commercial customers.

AirGuard: Secure Wireless

3eTI’s AirGuard wireless mesh networks are the industry’s first to attain independent validation and certification that offers FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria EAL 4 levels of security approved for use by the US government and DoD.

VirtualFence: Physical Surveillance

Certified cyber-physical surveillance with real-time video analytics for threat detection and classification.

3eTI Overview & VirtualFence Demo

At 3eTI we developed a VirtualFence as a solution that enables you to maintain very strong situational awareness without a heavy manpower component, and that’s something that’s becoming more and more attractive to our customers.