Ultra Electronics 3eTi

Customer Success Stories

Cybersecurity for UAE Oil & Gas Company

A diversified oil and gas group in Dubai responsible for much of the region’s energy required stronger defenses against malware. 3eTI was tapped to cyber-secure the organization’s distributed control-and-safety systems, and a multitude of edge devices.

Enterprise Industrial Control for the US Navy

In 2010, the Navy initiated their Smart Grid Program—an enterprise-level network that demands integrated, cyber-secure technologies to intelligently monitor and respond to industrial control system threats. After extensive evaluation of potential solutions, the US Navy selected an Enterprise Industrial Controls System (EICS) built on 3eTI’s EnergyGuard and VirtualFence platforms.

Cybersecurity Services for Middle Eastern Military

The organization sought the necessary tools and training to monitor their networks in order to identify and respond to cyber-threats. Following development of a Strategic Roadmap with the customer, the scope initially was limited to two enclaves, with a readily scalable framework as the customer expanded coverage. The solution further involved classroom and hands-on training a threat operations center (TOC) and a security operations center (SOC).

US Navy’s Virtual Perimeter Monitoring System

The US Navy wanted to be able to deploy a camera surveillance system that could be easily deployed without the high cost of installing a fiber-based infrastructure around a facility. The solution also needed to provide timely automatic surveillance notification of criminal, insurgent, or accident events for enhanced personnel protection, improved public safety, and enhanced critical infrastructure protection.

Infrastructure Protection for Public Transits

The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) needed a surveillance system that would maintain the safety of faculties and the traveling public while upholding the TSA’s guiding principles for excellence in transportation security. 3eTI’s VirtualFence solution provided a secure video surveillance system that met IA requirements.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

DOD installations are able to manage energy use, power quality and cost by connecting smart meters to Air Guard wireless units. DoD installation managers estimate energy savings of over 10% with the fully installed system.

Shipboard Wireless for US Navy Fleet

To meet the Navy’s need for cost effective ubiquitous connection to ISNS, 3eTI quickly demonstrated an affordable wireless solution which would also accommodate the Navy’s stringent security and Information Assurance (IA) requirements.

Navy Wireless Reach Back System

The US Navy looked for a Wireless Reach Back System (WRBS) that while performing inspections allowed boarding personnel to maintain contact while descending into the depths of a vessel, greatly increasing mission overall safety and force protection.

Critical Area Protection Military Installation Management Solutions

3eTI developed a Virtual Community Evaluation Complex solution that included secure applications software and middleware, along with a variety of fiber and wireless sensors and wireless sensor network devices. The solution improved a host of business functions and government-related public services to support base operations.