Ultra Electronics 3eTi


Safety and reliability is priority

In the United States, according to DHS, some 153,000 public drinking water systems and more than 16,000 publicly owned wastewater treatment systems serve the public. More than 80 percent of the American populace receives potable water from these water systems. Approximately 75 percent of the population’s sanitary sewerage is treated by these wastewater systems. The Water/Wastewater sector faces vulnerabilities that include contamination with deadly agents, and attacks to cyber and physical operations. The consequences could be devastating to public health, commerce and national security.

Our solution

3eTI understands how important it is to achieve and maintain a robust operations technology (OT) security program. 3eTI solutions are designed to protect data while minimizing server downtime due to cyber-attack. 3eTI products and solutions are designed to efficiently, reliably and cost-effectively address the challenging environments common in the Water/Wastewater industry. 3eTI’s readily configurable, flexible and robust products allow operators to tailor a solution to attain the optimum balance of form factor and protocol to their specific architecture. These solutions deploy quickly and easily, minimizing impact to operations and internal IT and training resources.

  • Protecting OPC – OPC is one of the world’s leading protocols in process automation, valued for its utility in enabling interoperability. It is also the source of frequent threat warnings because its method of operation exposes control networks to attacks that traditional firewalls cannot protect against. This was publicly demonstrated when the Havex malware, deployed during the Energetic Bear/DragonFly ICS cyber-attack campaigns, targeted OPC and caused crashes and denial-of-service impacts to many infected systems.
  • Protecting DNP3 – Industrial networks facilitate the free flow of messages that could allow poison packets to be sent with potentially disastrous effect. The use of DNP3 Secure Authentication doesn’t protect all payloads or those from a compromised device, making validated protocol-aware packet inspection essential. Unlike other security systems that perform incomplete or simplistic signature-based matching, CyberFence comprehensively parses the DNP3 protocol, including DNP3 Secure Authentication messages, to detect any malformed, unauthorized, or malicious messages.

How we do it

  • Shield critical infrastructure with DPI technology
  • Uses protocol-specific protection for DNP3 and OPC
  • First industrial device to be certified by the National Institutes of Standards and Technologies (NIST) and the NSA’s National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP)
  • Solution goes beyond basic firewall, perimeter and signature-based defense
  • Allows visibility and ability to alert in real-time
  • Cloaks industrial endpoint communications using stealth mode
  • Plug-and-play security