Ultra Electronics 3eTi


Safety and reliability are imperative

Analysts and industry insiders agree that the transportation sector is increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attack due to growing reliance on cyber-based systems that lower costs for, and simplify operations related to control, navigation, tracking, positioning and communications. At the same time, many of these systems are defended weakly, if at all, against malicious actors able and willing to severely disrupt transportation services.

Industry factors that include privatization and lack of standardization stand in the way of efficient adoption of effective cyber-defenses across this critical and highly diverse sector. Private ownership within the industry in the US relegates a standard scheme or strategy for system-wide cybersecurity to the ranks of “optional” in the hierarchy of priorities. Each operator has a fiduciary responsibility to identify top threats, then mitigate them by adopting the recommendations advanced by federal authorities to protect critical infrastructure.

Our solution

3eTI solutions meet stringent federal security guidelines requiring validated communications solutions. As a trusted supplier to the DoD since 1995, 3eTI delivers highly secure network platforms that enable maximum operational productivity. 3eTI’s patented platforms are certified to meet military IA standards.

How we do it

  • Assure stable business continuity and operational visibility
  • Maintain a segmented cybersecurity architecture
  • Incorporate failover, redundancy and load-balancing capabilities
  • Provide a scalable architecture for additional volume or data types as needed
  • Enable centralized monitoring of security operations and technology